Principal Pairs Financial Wellness with Voice Activation

Principal Flash Briefing, the firm’s financial wellness platform, relies on Alexa.

When individuals enable the Principal Flash Briefing and say, “Hey, Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?” they’ll hear quick retirement planning and financial tips spoken aloud. At, people can dive even deeper into Principal’s financial wellness platform, Principal Milestones.

“Financial and retirement education doesn’t have to be complex,” says Joleen Workman, vice president of customer care at Principal. “Giving individuals actionable information in bite-sized pieces helps them feel more confident in their choices. It’s as simple as helping them think through their financial decisions. Voice technology is yet another medium available to individuals to help them education themselves, wherever they are, with resources to help them build confidence to take action.”

One tip Alexa gives, for example is, “Ten percent. What’s so special about that number? Saving at least 10% of your income plus other contributions toward retirement could help you get closer to setting you up for the retirement you want. And if that seems overwhelming right now, consider ticking up your contribution by one percent each year to get closer to your goal. It’s never too early, or to late, to master your money.”