Planning Software Gets an Update

Wealth Trace released a new version of its online retirement planning software for financial advisers.

With an intuitive, easy to understand interface, users can assess how long funds will last in retirement, and the probability of achieving retirement goals. The software is also available in a version for individuals who want to create a retirement plan.

The adviser version was designed to deliver a more intuitive solution for retirement planning. A client-interactive approach involves clients in the planning process. The software includes Monte Carlo analysis and a client portal so clients can view their plan online.

Asset-allocation scenarios allow advisers to show clients how working with an adviser can improve their retirement outlook. Answers and results are available immediately onscreen to show clients what can happen when variables are adjusted. An easy-to-use interface makes it possible for the adviser to start immediately, without the need for instructional demos. The software is hosted online and accessible through any device.

Wealth Trace provides retirement planning software and free financial planning tools. More information is available on their site.