Phoenix Companies Rolls Out Annuity and Planning Tool

The Phoenix Companies Inc. introduced a single premium fixed-index annuity for people approaching or already in retirement.


The Personal Protection Choice Annuity has six indexed accounts, a fixed account and principal protection from investment loss. Annuity holders can create a customized solution for an additional fee by combining up to three different benefits: lifetime income, chronic care and an enhanced death benefit. The annuity can combine the Income Protection benefit with Care Protection or the Family Protection benefits, or both.

Income Protection provides a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit. For clients looking to begin their guaranteed income stream within the first several contract years, the Income Protection: Today benefit offers a bonus of up to 45% of the initial contract value. The Income Protection: Tomorrow benefit offers an annual 14% simple interest roll-up to the income benefit base available for the first 10 years of the contract or until the rider is exercised (if earlier than 10 years).

Care Protection provides an enhanced withdrawal benefit of 125% to 250% of the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal amount, based on age and qualification level.


The Family Protection benefit offers a death benefit of a simple interest roll-up of 5 or 10 percent (depending on attained age) for the first 10 years of the contract, or until the rider exercise date or age 85, whichever comes first. All withdrawals, including the guaranteed withdrawals, reduce the contract value and the death benefit.

Issued by PHL Variable Insurance Company, a Phoenix insurance subsidiary, the annuity is available through independent distributors working with Saybrus Partners, the company’s distribution subsidiary.

In conjunction with the annuity, Phoenix launched REALIZE, a tablet-compatible retirement planning tool that generates annuity proposals. Personalized outputs of clients’ key retirement considerations can also be produced.

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