Pacific Funds Adds to U.S. Equity Lineup

Pacific Funds has added six new U.S. equity funds to its family of mutual funds.

Pacific Funds introduced six new U.S. equity funds sub-advised by Rothschild Asset Management Inc., a specialist in U.S. equity investments and part of Rothschild and Company’s global financial services network.

Chris van Mierlo, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of sales for Pacific Life Insurance Company’s Retirement Solutions Division, the administrator of Pacific Funds, says Rothschild is a good fit considering Pacific’s “boutique-like structure.”

For its part, Rothschild Asset Management has been a well-known institutional manager for more than 25 years, managing a range of U.S. equity strategies that encompass large-cap, small/mid-cap, small-cap, and growth and value strategies.

“At Rothschild, our main goal is to seek superior performance while controlling risk and protecting our clients’ capital,” says Michael Woods, chief executive officer of Rothschild Asset Management. “We offer investors a time-tested investment process, a concentration on style purity, and an expertise in stock selection with a focus on expectational upside. We’re excited to be offering these advantages.”

More details about the new U.S. equity funds can be found at Financial advisers also can inquire about the funds by calling Pacific Funds directly at (800) 722-2333.