Orchestrate Creates Tools to Diminish Scheduling Frustrations

The new feature will work alongside the ProcessComposer and Mix feature, and will be powered through the Salesforce platform.

In an effort to streamline internal and external scheduling along with saving time, Orchestrate LLC has introduced Pulse, a scheduling tool added to the set of solutions operated with the Salesforce AppExchange.

According to Orchestrate, the tool will allow for numerous functions on the Salesforce platform, including the ability for consumers to view other users’ schedules, populate meeting invites in advance, and find available meetings on various calendars.  

Additionally, the tool gives customers access to user and team calendars, permits them to enter meeting times depending on preference and durations, and can be customized using filtering options with no restraints.

The tool is designed to decrease difficulty surrounding day-to-day scheduling, and will complement Orchestrate’s ProcessComposer and Mix features, says Josh Van Heukelom, president and co-CTO of Orchestrate.

Ultimately, the goal of Pulse will be to maximize efficiency among busy professionals, according to the company.

“Scheduling can be difficult, especially when it comes to managing multiple groups, clients and calendars,” says Sayer Martin, Orchestrate’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “Through Pulse, we created a solution that will streamline scheduling and ultimately save professionals’ time.”

More information on the feature can be found here