Online Tools Target Needs of High-Net-Worth Clients, Small Business


John Hancock Life Insurance’s Advanced Markets Group developed two technology tools for funding retirement appropriately, and helping project estate values and taxes.



With the Business Analyzer, advisers can help business owners determine the most appropriate nonqualified plan options available to help them address retirement and estate planning objectives for themselves and for key employees within the organization.

For small-business owners, attracting and retaining the right people is central to business success, according to Randy Zipse, vice president and head of the Advanced Markets Group at John Hancock. In many instances, the business owner and key employees may quickly hit the limit for savings in a qualified retirement plan like a 401(k).

The Business Analyzer helps advisers choose the optimal nonqualified plan options for their clients. An interactive decision tree facilitates data-gathering to help narrow nonqualified plan options such as a Restricted Endorsement Bonus Arrangement, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan or Executive Bonus Plan. It assists in retirement funding issues as well as estate planning objectives.

The Estate Tax Calculator enables advisers to project estate values and potential estate taxes for high-net-worth clients, for whom the potential impact of estate taxes is a crucial financial consideration. Clients can also see the gift taxes due on a new gift, or estate taxes due on an estate that has made previous taxable gifts.

“The Business Analyzer and Estate Tax Calculator simplify the process of determining the right plan,” Zipse said. “Whether it’s funding retirement and compensation, or ensuring clarity about the potential impact of estate taxes, finding the right answer means asking the right questions.”