OMYEN Releases Social Security Software

Financial advice and technology company OMYEN Corp. launched a software program that recommends strategies for workers to most effectively draw Social Security benefits.

OMYEN says the new Social Security Maximizer service is available free of charge for financial advisers and should take only five or ten minutes to complete for each client. The software tool uses client data to generate projected Social Security benefits, with the capability for advisers to select a client retirement age of 62, for reduced benefits, through age 70, for increased benefits.

For clients who are part of a married couple, the software allows advisers to apply advanced strategies, such as file and suspend, to maximize the couple’s collective benefits. The software can also handle adjustments to benefits in cases where an individual works while taking Social Security benefits.

OMYEN says the software’s data output is visually intuitive and designed to be easily explained to clients.

The Social Security tool is readily available for use, the firm says. Similar to OMYEN’s other financial planning technologies, it works on different computing devices, including hand-held devices. Financial advisers interested in using OMYEN’s Social Security Maximizer tool can sign up for free here or by sending a request to

Advisers can also call OMYEN at (617) 4-OMYEN-1. Registered users can access the tool directly here.