Omyen Expands Social Security Tool Suite

Omyen Corp, a financial planning technology company, has updated and expanded its suite of digital Social Security planning tools for financial advisers.

Financial advisers can now use the software tools to model government pensions, children’s benefits and lump-sum payments via the Social Security Maximizer. A new branded Social Security Checkup tool helps advisers in educational marketing.

The enhancements allow advisers to better address the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) for clients. Other upgrades allow for more advanced lump-sum payment option planning, which can help Social Security recipients claim benefits retroactively under certain conditions.

A new Social Security Checkup tool helps investors estimate Social Security benefits and compare them with expected retirement expenses. The tool is designed to educate clients 55 to 65. The program includes branded marketing collateral and branded client reports; advisers can use it to engage prospective Baby Boomer clients.

Social Security Checkup is integrated with the Social Security Maximizer as well as Omyen’s other products, according to the firm. Information entered by a prospective client flows into Omyen’s suite of planning products, helping advisers gain substantial efficiencies.

Financial advisers can take advantage of the turnkey marketing program, which consists of four steps—reach out, educate, plan and increase the “share of wallet.” This program allows financial advisers to expand their client and asset base quickly by inviting an interested pool of prospective clients for online, on the air, or in-person events.

More information on Omyen’s Social Security tools is available at