Northern Trust Enhances Investment Risk and Analytical Tools

Northern Trust has enhanced the client experience for users of its Investment Risk and Analytical Services (IRAS) tools on Passport, its multi-faceted Web portal. 

Designed to provide clients with better access to the risk and analytical tools for making investment decisions, the upgraded IRAS Dashboard has more customizable features, faster performance, and integration of both ex-post analytics and ex-ante risk services, Northern Trust reports.

Features of the new IRAS Dashboard design include: 

  • Customizable charts and tables 
  • Selection of any portfolio or index/benchmark data and combinations for any daily or monthly time period 
  • More than 200 statistics / characteristics / metrics available in ex post and ex ante views 
  • The ability for clients to tailor their view of portfolio data to extract vital information 

The IRAS Dashboard allows clients to select from hundreds of industry measurements of daily and monthly portfolio performance, attribution, risk measures, and key characteristics utilizing the available chart and table templates. In addition to presentation of this data in the client’s desired format, the Dashboard provides access to in-depth analysis that examines portfolio or index data in an absolute or benchmark-relative form to the security level.