Newport Re-Launches Participant Site

The Newport Group released the all-new

The site, which allows participants in Newport-administered retirement plans to manage their retirement and executive benefit accounts, has been completely re-envisioned in terms of both the user experience and the technology which supports it.

The site’s modern design emphasizes ease of use and highlights information and action, with financial data rendered visually to enhance understanding. Intuitive and intelligent navigation, personalized to the user, puts all account details within easy reach.

Participants can quickly see a snapshot of their financial progress and view their performance in the context of their plan. The site is optimized for use on tablets and smartphones, which means users can access their retirement and benefit account details anywhere.

In addition, the site’s design allows for alternate color choices by companies sponsoring a Newport-administered plan, to help better align the experience with their individual brands.

The technology platform supporting the site has been redesigned as well, so it can accommodate and incorporate new technology and security features as they are developed. This will allow Newport to adapt the site to future changes in financial services technology and customer expectations.

“This new site will help participants in Newport plans to better understand their entire financial picture, both the big picture and the details, and to stay on track to meet their goals. This will in turn help meet the plan sponsor goal of participants becoming more engaged in their benefit plan. The site itself is designed to focus on outcomes—specifically employees being able to make informed decisions and plan for the long term,” said Bryant Kirk, Newport chief operating officer.