Natixis Launches Durable Portfolio Construction Platform

Natixis Global Asset Management (NGAM) launched a Durable Portfolio Construction platform.  

The NGAM Durable Portfolio Construction platform is designed to help individual investors, financial advisers and institutional investors address growing concerns about risk and market volatility in global markets. The platform focuses on portfolio construction and analytics to help investors manage volatility and enhance the diversification of their portfolios.

Risk is the primary consideration for asset allocation and is intended to help investors minimize the impact of extreme market movements, make smarter use of traditional asset classes, add exposure to alternative investments and employ non-correlated investment techniques such as hedging and long/short strategies.

Key elements of the new platform include:

  •  Expansion of the NGAM Portfolio Research and Consulting (PRC) Group – Led by industry veterans Matthew Coldren, executive vice president of the Client Solutions Group, and Marina Gross, senior vice president of Portfolio Research and Consulting, NGAM has expanded the PRC team through the hiring of additional experienced portfolio consultants and analysts to broaden its bench of investment professionals. The team assists NGAM clients in evaluating risk, allocation and diversification through a consultative program that features sophisticated portfolio diagnosis and tailored asset allocation.
  •  Launch of the NGAM Durable Portfolio Construction Research Center – NGAM will make available research-rich content that will support the NGAM Durable Portfolio Construction Research Center, which generates research on asset allocation, risk management and other issues. The center builds upon other NGAM initiatives, including its Client Insights Research Program. The center will leverage continuing NGAM research in the U.S. and the UK, and will conduct new studies of financial advisers and institutional investors to gauge current sentiment on issues affecting markets and their impact on investors.
  •  Global Durable Portfolio Construction Symposiums – Over the coming year, NGAM will sponsor a series of Global Durable Portfolio Construction Symposiums. Meetings are planned for Rome (May 16, 2012), Madrid (June 19, 2012), London and several U.S. locations. The symposiums will feature industry leaders, investment managers and subject matter experts offering insights into markets worldwide.


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