Nationwide Unveils Retirement Planner

Plan advisers and sponsors can help participants take an in-depth look at their retirement situation with the new tool from Nationwide.

The “On Your Side Interactive Retirement Planner” can help set goals, track progress, and find suggestions to improve an individual’s unique retirement outlook in about 10 minutes, according to Nationwide. Users can tweak the hypothetical scenarios, such as years until they reach retirement, contribution levels, years in retirement and annual income in retirement, to see how changes in these categories can impact each other and their retirement planning process, the news release said.

In addition to the new retirement planner, Nationwide Retirement Plans has enhanced its Web site and introduced a new Rollover Center to provide participants with an educational resource for when they retire or change jobs.

“People are becoming more actively engaged in retirement planning, but they’re not always confident they’re making the right decisions,” said Anne Arvia, senior vice president of Retirement Plans for Nationwide Financial, in the news release.“Given the growing importance of personal savings on retirement readiness we’re providing these resources so people can make more informed decisions based on their individual situation.”

The new planner is at