National Planning Holdings, Inc. Launches WealthOne Advisory Platform

National Planning Holdings, Inc. (NPH) announced the launch of WealthOne, a Web-based advisory platform that offers investment strategies and products to all NPH-affiliated advisers.

The new platform gives advisers access to investment solutions from eight money managers, including The Vanguard Group, JP Morgan and UBS.

According to a news release, WealthOne features three solutions for managing client assets on one platform. 

The first component of NPH’s new WealthOne suite, Strategist Solutions, gives advisers access to strategic and tactical investment approaches gathered from contracts with Vanguard, JP Morgan, UBS, Standard & Poor’s, Russell Investments, Lazard, Avatar Associates and Loring Ward. 

The Advisory Portal enables advisers to view client information, create and update proposals, build and manage models, research strategists, access reference materials and industry commentaries, and customize the online client access site and client reports with their own branding. The Advisory Portal also allows advisers to access the platform directly from their broker-dealer’s website, and gives representatives single-click access to WealthOne’s other two components, Adviser Solutions and Custom Style Portfolio Solutions.  

With Adviser Solutions, advisers who act as asset managers can build and maintain model portfolios by creating their own custom asset allocations. The platform features streamlined rebalancing with the ability to set drift parameters, a  proposal generation system and customized quarterly performance reporting. Clients have online access to their accounts, and receive one report and billing statement every quarter.  

WealthOne’s Custom Style Portfolio Solutions are actively managed separate accounts from Curian Capital, LLC that offer  customization, including the ability to select among a range of investment approaches and asset classes. Clients may also implement socially responsive investing strategies by excluding up to 14 social sectors or an unlimited number of individual securities from their portfolios. Investors can minimize tax implications through a unique tax harvesting feature and eight different tax-lot strategies. 

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