MSSB to Help Los Angeles HR Firm Enhance its MEP

CPEhr, a Los Angeles-based human resources firm, has partnered with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney to enhance the plan administration of its Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan.

The partnership provides CPEhr and its clients access to products and services including investment advisory services, financial and wealth planning, credit and lending, cash management, annuities and insurance, and retirement and trust services.

As fiduciary advisers, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney role is to ensure that CPEhr’s plans remain competitive and provide employees the best investment options.

Additionally, CPEhr’s clients and their employees will gain access to a team of financial advisers who will help them navigate the financial markets and provide advice on their 401(k) investments. Employees will also obtain guidance with 401(k) plans from previous employers as well as other outside investments. They will have full access to all of MSSB’s products and services.