Morningstar Rolls out Morningstar Direct Enhancements

Morningstar, Inc., has launched the latest version of Morningstar Direct, a Web-based platform that connects institutional investment professionals to Morningstar's universe of investment research and data.

According to a press release, the most significant enhancement to Morningstar Direct is the Presentation Studio interface, which allows asset managers, consultants, institutional investors, and retirement plan sponsors to create fully customized reports, presentations, and fact sheets featuring their company’s brand design. Presentation Studio gives users full control over both the content and format of reports, using professionally designed data tables and charts to communicate the data behind their research and recommendations.

Key features of the new Presentation Studio, according to the announcement, include:

  • a complete library of report book templates, allowing a user to analyze a single investment or an entire peer group or lineup;
  • page components that immediately populate a report book with current data after an investment is selected for analysis;
  • changes to time periods, investments, benchmarks, and other settings can be made once and applied to the entire report book;
  • “drag and drop” functionality, enabling users to place their choice of charts and tables from the report book to create their presentation; and
  • easily resizable page features that allow users to include their logo, disclaimer or notes, and apply their corporate color palette and fonts.

In addition, the latest version of Morningstar Direct includes enhancements to the Performance Attribution feature, which now includes importing of client accounts and portfolio holdings for daily attribution, batch reporting, and Adobe PDF attribution reports, allowing equity managers to compare the investment managers’ contribution to performance via security selection and allocation of assets versus a benchmark. Also, total portfolio attribution allows users such as fund-of-fund managers to review attribution at a macro level, evaluating investment managers’ role in performance via manager selection and asset allocation versus a set of strategic investment policies.

Morningstar also added new investment data to Direct, including historical assets data for separate accounts and its new target-date fund series reports. Additionally, Morningstar Direct now offers the option to change the platform’s language settings to English, Mandarin Chinese, or Italian.