Morningstar Rolls Out Commodities Platform

Morningstar Inc. launched Morningstar Markets Commodities Edition, a platform for trading desks and risk managers with real-time and historical commodity and energy market data.

Users can customize the platform to create multiple work spaces, select news feeds and export data. Morningstar Markets Commodities Edition also offers advanced charting capabilities and interactive watch lists to monitor and track specific commodities.   

For the most up-to-date information, the platform streams real-time news and weather from a variety of providers. It also provides a calendar of scheduled economic reports, such as for labor and inventory.  Morningstar’s energy market information includes price and fundamental data in the oil, natural gas and electricity markets as well as coal, emissions and hydroelectricity.   

In addition to the physical markets, Morningstar Commodity Data offers data from futures exchanges, electronic trading platforms, over-the-counter markets and brokers, including forward curves for daily pricing and risk management. The company has also just added real-time power data from all major independent system operators (ISOs).   

Users can also import their own proprietary data into the platform via the Commodity DataServer, Morningstar’s time-series database. This new Web-based platform can be accessed on any device with an Internet connection, including smartphones and tablets.  

More information is available here.