McGraw-Hill Unveils Marketing Program for Advisers

McGraw-Hill's Financial Communications announced the release of Advisor Marketing Solutions, an online program designed to help financial advisers attract prospects and build client relationships.

McGraw-Hill said the new tool offers a targeted approach so advisers can build a specific segment of their business. “This approach is especially important in today’s increasingly competitive environment where focused expertise and targeted communications are keys to success,” the company said.

Advisor Marketing Solutions starts with an interactive profiling tool, permitting users to target specific client needs and interests, such as retirement income planning or saving for college, McGraw-Hill explained. Advisers are then presented with two solutions that match their marketing needs.

Each solution features a seminar, a related worksheet, and an invitation template. Additional content includes charts, prospecting letters, monthly Market Alerts, and sales aids. Another feature is a marketing activity calendar to help coordinate marketing communications throughout the year.

The marketing solution also offers disclaimers and compliance requirements for all content, according to McGraw-Hill. Additionally, brokerage companies and adviser networks have the option to select purchase options for their advisers, such as a full credit card-processing option.

To learn more or request a product demonstration, visit or call 800.326.7697.