Matrix Adds vWise SmartPlan Advisor to Its Platform

MG Advisory Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Matrix Financial Solutions, Inc., will add vWise Inc’s SmartPlan Advisor, a communication and education solution, to its platform.

MG Advisory Services President Stewart Cohune said SmartPlan is “a simple and powerful way to add modern communications technology to our platform.”

SmartPlan combines a video-based presentation of detailed financial information with an interactive application that prompts users to make investment decisions. Video hosts offer a brief video overview of 401(k) basics, followed by a discussion of selected features, such as automatic enrollment, matching contributions, and loans. Then, using interactive forms, video hosts guide participants through a short process, including individual retirement needs and risk profile surveys, and selection of investment types and contribution amounts, in order to generate a personalized investor profile (see “vWise Launches Participant Adviser Web Site”).