Many Employers Think Delayed Retirement Is a Plus

Nearly half (45%) of U.S. employers expect to benefit from Baby Boomer employees who prolong their careers past age 65.

Only 4% believe employees who postpone retirement will negatively affect companies, according to a survey from BMO Retirement Services.   

Nearly one-quarter of surveyed employers estimate that the percentage of working Boomers who postpone retirement could exceed 50% in the years ahead. Nearly half predict that more than 30% of Boomers will fall into this category.  

“There appears to be a growing recognition in corporate America that employees in their sixties possess valuable institutional experience and expertise,” said Todd Perala, director of relationship management at BMO Retirement Services.   

The survey is based on interviews with 412 retirement plan sponsors that have a minimum of $2 million in trust assets and use the BMO Retirement Services recordkeeping platform.