LT Trust Releases Interactive Participant Platform

The company says it used feedback from its participants in creating the mobile app.

LT Trust, a provider of low-cost 401(k) solutions to small businesses, has announced its new participant website.

The new interface includes an interactive charting of daily balances against employee contributions and total contributions; retirement income projections in both dollars and as a percentage of goal; a goal-based enrollment experience through iJoin; and contribution history graphing by source over time.

The new participant experience is also accessible through a mobile app available in the Apple app store and Google Play store. The mobile app includes all the features available through the website, plus push notifications, such as alerting participants when a new contribution is posted to their account.

Burke Johnson, executive vice president and chief operating officer (COO) of LT Trust, says the company spent time gathering feedback from its participants, using those insight to create the digital 401(k) platform.

The new participant website is the latest of LT Trust’s technology solutions in the small plan 401(k) market. Last year it released PartnerLens, a data visualization experience for advisers. The company said it will soon issue SponsorLens, currently in beta testing, to provide a similarly modern, data-driven interface for plan sponsors.