LT Trust Offers Data Visualization Technology

The aim of PartnerLens is to help advisers serve clients more effectively.

LT Trust has released PartnerLens, a new technology that uses data visualization to help advisers serve clients more effectively.

PartnerLens provides a snapshot of an adviser’s book of business with LT Trust. It distinguishes those plans that are maximizing the benefit for their participants from those that may need focused attention from the adviser to increase participation, contribution rates, retirement income replacement ratios or investment diversification.

Some key features of PartnerLens include a multidimensional plan health bubble chart of participation percentage, retirement income replacement ratios and plan assets; a participation equity allocation glide path chart with variances calculated against age-based benchmarks; an extensive library of participant behavior reports with easily exportable data that can be used to increase assets under management; and real-time status updates of annual compliance testing, 5500 filings and participant distributions.

“We created PartnerLens in collaboration with our advisers not only to provide a transparent view of key retirement plan metrics that assist them in easily analyzing participant behavior, but also to visually expose potential revenue opportunities,” says Burke Johnson, executive vice president and chief operating officer (COO) of LT Trust. “Our goal is to provide one of the industry’s most intuitive self-service platforms, virtually eliminating the need of our advisers to contact us with report requests.”