Loring Ward Expands IPS Options

Advisers who use Loring Ward for investment management, business management, and practice development will be offered enhanced investment policy statement (IPS) models.

In addition to the original IPS, independent advisers who work with Loring Ward will now have the following options available to them:

  • An expanded IPS for individual investors, featuring an emphasis on the investment policy statement process and Loring Ward’s Structured Investing philosophy. This is designed for high-net worth investors who want a greater level of detail.
  • An institutional IPS designed specifically to address the complex needs of institutional clients. It provides an in-depth overview of historical market data and the investment policy statement process. It also features an optional appendix on working with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

“The market volatility of the last few years clearly showed the value of Investment Policy Statements,” said Alex Potts, Chief Executive Officer of Loring Ward. “They helped protect many portfolios from spur-of-the-moment revisions. And they enabled investors to look past the day-to-day noise of markets to what really matters: staying on track towards achieving their long-term goals.”