Kestra Redesigns its Technology Platform for Advisers

Advisers can now access AdvisorComplete from any device and personalize its menus, widgets and landing pages.

Kestra Financial has redesigned its proprietary technology platform, AdvisorComplete, which is its centralized hub for advisers and their staff.

Advisers can now access the platform from any device and personalize its menus, widgets and landing pages. Kestra also added a new search engine, more than 370 pages of informational material and new integrated tools. Furthermore, Kestra configured the platform to run 70% faster than the previous version.

Kestra also added an Entreda security agent to complement existing antivirus, anit-malware and encryption software.

Also added is a mobile application from CellTrust that enables advisers to compliantly text their clients. Kestra has also eliminated 80% of the paperwork needed to onboard with a digital onboarding portal.

Kestra notes that since it earlier added eMoney’s wealth management and financial planning platform, Kestra Financial advisers have leveraged its document value, client portal and account aggregation tools.

“We are committed to empowering adviser success, and technology is a key component of our offering,” says Kevin Witt, chief technology officer at Kestra Financial. “As part of our technology enhancements, we collected feedback from hundreds of advisers to design an integrated, customized solution that would improve the day-to-day adviser experience, starting from onboarding on day one.”