Judy Diamond Launches BrokerSight Database

Judy Diamond Associates launched its BrokerSight database, which helps subscribers identify and begin relationships with producers in the retirement market.

BrokerSight, formerly known as the Pension Annuities Database, includes important details about the books of business of group retirement brokers. It provides carriers and brokerages visibility into the client lists of the big players in the market. Subscribers can identify top brokers in each territory, which brokers sell for which carriers and critical broker contact data.

Judy Diamond Associates obtains raw data from the Department of Labor’s (DoL) Form 5500 and applies proprietary methodology to create a complete view of the market. Judy Diamond Associates also adds data such as phone numbers to enable subscribers to easily reach out to the most productive brokers in any market.

“Because of their relationship with high-end clients, annuity-focused brokers are one of the most valuable targets in today’s retirement marketplace,” said F. Reilly Cobb, managing director of Judy Diamond Associates. “With BrokerSight, carriers and brokerages have the ability to personalize their broker-recruitment strategies with the best and most reliable targeting data available.”

For more information about BrokerSight, visit www.judydiamond.com or call 800-231-0669.