Josh Itzoe Launches FiduciaryRx Platform

The former Greenspring Advisors professional describes FiduciaryRx as a modern tech platform that empowers advisers to improve the ‘fiduciary wellness’ of their plan sponsor clients.

Former retirement plan adviser Josh Itzoe has announced the launch of FiduciaryRx, billed as a technology platform that helps financial advisers as they work to diagnose, prescribe and improve the fiduciary wellness of their plan sponsor clients.

According to Itzoe, the platform uses a “simple but powerful” concept called the Fiduciary Wellness Score to diagnose, quantify and improve overall plan health and success. In leveraging the platform, Itzoe says, advisers can use up to 50 unique best practices to motivate and lead their clients from meeting basic standards to achieving aspirational outcomes.

The goal of the platform is for the Fiduciary Wellness Score to lead to conversations with clients and prospects that are deeper, more meaningful and more engaging, Itzoe says.

“It re-defines, re-imagines and re-energizes the whole conversation around fiduciary responsibility,” he adds. “Once they know their score, the next question clients typically ask is, ‘What do I need to do to improve?’ Conversations automatically shift to actions and outcomes, and the goal transforms from simply being a fiduciary to being an effective one.”

In addition to FiduciaryRx, Itzoe is also launching the “Fiduciary U” fiduciary training platform, featuring insights and expertise from the well-known attorney Fred Reish. The training program is meant to both teach and train advisers, and for advisers to use it to train their own clients.

“An educated client is an engaged client,” Itzoe says.

The last piece of the puzzle, Itzoe says, is the launch of the FiduciaryWor(k)s Community, which will offer an annual membership opportunity for advisers who want to network and collaborate on practice management challenges. 

“If you’re an adviser that works with retirement plans, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, I hope you’ll consider joining the FiduciaryWor(k)s ‘tribe,’” Itzoe says. “Let’s learn together, serve together, inspire together and lead together.”

Information about the new platforms and programs is available at