JH Changes Managers of Three Portfolios

John Hancock Asset Management, a division of Manulife Asset Management, has appointed the U.S. Core Value team to manage three portfolios offered by John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, John Hancock Annuities, and John Hancock Life Insurance.

The total encompasses two portfolios in the John Hancock Trust (JHT), which is made up of funds underlying Annuity and Life Insurance products, and one in JHF II, a platform made up of funds in the retail retirement plan channel.   

In JHT, the U.S. Core Value Equity team will manage the Optimized All Cap Trust, which has about $1.23 billion in assets, and the Optimized Value Trust, with approximately $189 million in assets. In JHF II, the team will manage the Optimized Value Fund, with approximately $335 million in assets. 
The U.S. Core Value Equity Team is led by Senior Managing Directors Walter T. McCormick and Emory W. (Sandy) Saunders, Jr.