J.P. Morgan, LIMRA Offer Planning Guides for Financial Advisers

The J.P. Morgan guide includes late-cycle retirement discussions, and the LIMRA guide highlights 10 common myths of pre-retirees and retirees.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management released the 2019 Guide to Retirement, examining the state of retirement, current challenges and opportunities, and the tools needed to support planning conversations.

This year’s edition marks the 12th year of the annual report, featuring an expanded analysis of late-cycle retirement discussions including impacts from a lower inflation outlook, Medicare considerations, and a new section focused on key topics for defined contribution plan investing. 

Key retirement themes examined in the 2019 Guide to Retirement:

  • Timely late-cycle retirement discussions – The shift towards de-risking portfolios; sequence of return risk; and managing retirement timing risk.
  • How a lower inflation outlook can improve outcomes – Retirement savings checkpoints across ages and income levels; effects of withdrawal rates and portfolio allocations; and the 4% rule: projected outcomes vs. historical experience.
  • Making sense of Medicare in the lead-up to retirement – How Medicare works; making the right Medicare choice at age 65; and managing rising health care costs in retirement.

J.P. Morgan’s 2019 Guide to Retirement may be downloaded from here.

In addition, LIMRA has released the fourth edition of the Retirement Income Reference Book, which highlights 10 common myths of pre-retirees and retirees. Examples of such myths include: I’ll die before I am 90, I’ll keep working and never retire, and annuities are bad investments.

“There are many opportunities for advisers to help prepare their clients for retirement by demystifying and debunking common myths around retirement. In doing so, advisers can gain the trust of clients and better serve their needs,” LIMRA says.

LIMRA’s Retirement Income Reference Book may be downloaded from here.