IRA Financial Group Offering Solo 401(k) Education

IRA Financial Group has produced a guide covering the rules of operating a solo 401(k) plan, which is available for free to clients.

In-house tax attorneys at the IRA Financial Group spent six months working on the publication that provides an in-depth overview of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) rules governing the establishment and operations of a solo 401(k) plan, also known as an individual 401(k) plan or self-employment 401(k) plan.

“We believe it is crucial that our clients are provided the resources necessary to fully understand the rules involved in creating and maintaining an IRS compliant solo 401(k) plan,” said Adam Bergman, a tax attorney at the IRA Financial Group. “In addition to having access to our in house tax-attorneys, we believe our in-depth free solo 401(k) publication will be a very helpful tool for our solo 401(k) plan clients.”

For more information, visit or call 800-472-0646.