Interactive Data Provides Analytics for Bulletshares Indices

Interactive Data Corporation has announced that it is providing end-of-day index values as well as analytics capabilities for ten of Accretive Asset Management, LLC’s Bulletshares USD Corporate Bond Indices.

According to the announcement, the Bulletshares USD Corporate Bond Indices are based on Accretive’s Bulletshares indexing methodology and are designed to provide maturity-targeted exposure to the U.S. investment grade corporate bond market. Each index tracks a basket of bonds and is designed to have a cash flow profile similar to that of an individual held-to-maturity bond.   

Accretive utilizes proprietary independent fixed income evaluations, obtained through Interactive Data’s Basket Calculation Service, to obtain end-of-day index values for Bulletshares USD Corporate Bond Indices. Accretive also uses the Interactive Data Fixed Income Analytics BondEdge platform and indexing tools to help construct and manage the constituent securities and cash flows.   

BondEdge provides fixed income security and index analytics on a daily basis to help Accretive determine the qualified list of fixed income security candidates and to support and maintain the Bulletshares Corporate Bond Indices.   

“These 10 new indices were designed to combine the best attributes of both bonds and bond funds so that financial advisers can use them as effective benchmarks for meeting their clients’ investment needs,” said Darrin DeCosta, Head of Product Development for Accretive, in the announcement. “Interactive Data provides us with critical data and analytics capabilities to support these indices and our innovative fixed income indexing methodology.”   

Performance and constituent data, along with others descriptive statistics for BulletShares USD Corporate Bond Indices are available at