Insurance Company Launches Portfolio Construction Tool

Jackson National Life Insurance Company developed an online tool to help advisers build customized investment portfolios for their clients.  

Jackson National said the Portfolio Construction Tool was designed to help advisers leverage its available investment options within its variable annuity offering. There aren’t asset allocation restrictions and advisers can select the mix of subaccount options that best meet their clients’ retirement income needs.

The tool, which is available for appointed producers who register on, will aid advisers by aggregating historical performance information, subaccount analytics and educational materials, all on one platform. Filters give advisers the ability to screen investment options by asset class, portfolio manager, investment style, expenses and performance, reports Jackson. Advisers can expand their research on any particular investment option through links to marketing and educational materials, including fact sheets, brochures, and videos.

The Portfolio Construction Tool is the latest in a series of products and services designed by Jackson National to help advisers create customized retirement income solutions. In October 2010, Jackson introduced LifeGuard Freedom Flex, the industry’s first customizable guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (GMWB). In 2007, Jackson introduced the Living Benefits Selection Center, which enables advisers to quickly and easily identify the living benefit option(s) most closely aligned with the personal retirement income objectives of their clients.