Informa Provides Tool for Investment Due Diligence

Informa Investment Solutions introduced PSN Monitor, an interactive tool enabling institutional investors to incorporate consolidated industry insights into their own due diligence process.

PSN Monitor converts manager research activity into investment patterns. Institutional investors can utilize PSN Monitor’s data-mining engine to evaluate their current investments against the products chosen by a broad investor community.   

According to a press release, the process begins with thousands of product comparisons conducted by the PSN investment community. PSN Monitor aggregates this research to identify those products that are most frequently compared against each other, then provides instant access to the consolidated due diligence distilled from these community comparisons.  

“Institutional investors, along with their increasingly important research teams and consultant partners, are being pressed to justify past and ongoing investment decisions,” said to Lac Vuong, Managing Director, Informa Investment Solutions, in the press release. “PSN Monitor enables plan sponsors and other investors to review how their selected investments hold up against the aggregated community research. They are then able to evaluate these new-found insights with their research teams to determine the best approach going forward.”