Hundredfold Unveils Share Class


A new investor share class for the Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund was rolled out by the investment adviser.



According to Mary Collins, managing member of Hundredfold Advisors, the share class gives more investors the opportunity to take advantage of the Select Alternative Fund’s active management strategy, which anticipates and responds to emerging trends in fixed-income and equity securities. “Financial advisers are increasingly allocating to liquid alternative mutual funds that offer the benefits of hedge funds in an accessible format,” Collins said. “The Select Alternative Fund is well positioned to meet that demand.”

Hundredfold Advisors, which has acted as sub-adviser to the Hundredfold Select Funds since their inception in 2004, employs a range of alternative, technical and defensive investment strategies in the management of their family of funds. The Select Alternative Fund seeks a moderate rate of total return (income plus capital appreciation) annually in part by identifying, quantifying and controlling elements of risk as an integral part of the investment strategy.

An active approach to investing allows for greater levels of flexibility in difficult markets than traditional buy-and-hold strategies, said Ralph Doudera, portfolio manager at Hundredfold Advisors. “Our approach gives us the ability to respond to emerging trends and better control for risk, while providing low correlation to the overall markets and daily liquidity,” he said.