Hanlon Adopts BlackRock’s iRetire Platform

The iRetire platform estimates annual retirement income and helps advisers guide their clients through different strategies that can close the income gap.

Hanlon Investment Management will now offer the iRetire investment framework by BlackRock.

This platform provides financial advisers and wealth managers with tools designed to help clients gauge their annual retirement income. The system lets advisers estimate how much income their clients’ current savings strategies could generate in retirement. It also helps advisers visualize how certain changes in investor behavior such as saving more or changing investments could improve retirement readiness.

The iRetire platform draws on CoRI methodology, the engine behind BlackRock’s retirement income indexes; and the risk analytics of Aladdin, BlackRock’s risk and enterprise investment system.

“We are thrilled to get iRetire in the hands of advisers in the Hanlon network, who now have direct access on their platform and can integrate it into their clients’ retirement planning,” says Frank Porcelli, chairman of BlackRock’s US Wealth Advisory Business. “Planning for retirement income is an essential component of a financial plan, which is why we developed iRetire, to address that issue head-on so advisers can engage in more meaningful dialogue with clients and help keep their clients on track to and through retirement.”

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