FundQuest Unveils Fund Fact Sheet Generator for Advisers

FundQuest has launched a new system allowing advisers to automatically create fact sheets for clients.

A news release said the fact sheets are available for equity funds, fixed-income funds, balanced funds, ETF/equity, ETF/fixed income, and model portfolios.

The Boston-based company said the fact sheets include:

  • investment strategy summary
  • style category
  • market capitalization
  • key financial ratios
  • expense ratio
  • trailing yields
  • top 10 holdings
  • holdings by major sector
  • foreign holdings by global region
  • performance for up to seven different time periods from one month to 10 years, compared to the category benchmark.

Advisers can click a check box and the system will generate a fact sheet for each fund included in the client’s custom investment proposal using FundQuest’s Investment Proposal module, according to the news release.


More information is available at