FundQuest Introduces ActivePassive Portfolio Console

FundQuest, a provider of wealth management solutions and investment research, has introduced the ActivePassive Portfolio Console.

The ActivePassive Portfolio Console is a dedicated portal through which ActivePassive Portfolios may be accessed by financial advisers. The ActivePassive Portfolios are professionally managed solutions utilizing the ActivePassive funds, funds that are designed to provide investors with benefits of active and passive investment approaches within one fund. The console includes a complete proposal system, fund data and reporting capabilities, along with the firm’s global research and analysis.

“The combination of active and passive investing has garnered much attention over the past few years and adoption of the portfolios by our client base has been vast,” said David Robinson, EVP of Business Development at FundQuest. “For advisers not on our general platform but still looking for this innovative investment strategy, we developed an efficient way to employ a turnkey solution for immediate portfolio access so that they can help realize their clients‟ goals today.”

More information on the funds and portfolios is available here.