Focus Financial Partners Acquires Joel Isaacson

Focus Financial Partners, LLC (Focus), a network of independent wealth management firms, added Joel Isaacson & Co., Inc., to its partner firms.

Focus said the partnership adds more than $31 billion in client assets and extends its presence in New York.

Joel Isaacson & Co. offers financial advisory, investment, and tax services to a client base composed largely of executives, business owners, professionals, and high-net-worth families. The firm’s services include investment and cash flow management, estate and tax planning and preparation, insurance planning, and retirement planning.

Focus also announced the completion of six sub-acquisitions with its partner firms:

  • Lara, Shull & May, based in Falls Church, Virginia, added Paul Corley, Beth Levine, and Doug McPherson
  • JFS Wealth Advisors, based in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, added Ron Wyatt, whose joining opens the new Pittsburgh office.
  • Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group, based in Reading, Massachusetts, added the Flexible Spending Account Business from Standard Retirement Services, Inc.
  • WESPAC, based in Oakland, California added Tower Asset Management, composing Raymond Baker, Peter Chen, Morgan Gough, and Wade Perry, whose joining opens the new Pasadena office.

Founded in 2006, Focus Financial Partners, LLC, now has 18 partner firms and affiliates.