Fixed Annuity Added to Nationwide’s Retirement Plan Platform

Nationwide Financial Services added the Nationwide Fixed Select Contract to its retirement plan offerings to help participants grow plan assets and meet retirement needs.

The group fixed annuity contract—offered to target benefit, profit sharing, 457, 401(a) and 401(k) plans—provides participants a competitive interest rate, stability and protection. Both principal and interest payments, minus applicable fees and expenses, are guaranteed by Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

“The market crisis, ongoing economic uncertainty and low-interest rat environment have changed Americans’ perspectives on retirement savings, and more are looking for ways to earn a competitive rate of return while protecting their principal,” said Larry Hilsheimer, president of retirement plans for Nationwide Financial. “The Nationwide Fixed Select Contract provides participants with the stability and protection they want, while still offering them a competitive rate of return and the flexibility to make in-plan exchanges to non-competing investment options, without penalty.” 

For more information about the new Nationwide Fixed Select Contract, call 800-626-3112.