Fidelity Launches Corporate Bond Fund

Fidelity Investments announced the launch of the Fidelity Corporate Bond Fund with retail and adviser shares and the addition of an adviser class to the Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund. 

Fidelity said the Fidelity Corporate Bond Fund will seek to provide a high level of current income by normally investing at least 80% of assets in investment-grade corporate bonds and other corporate debt securities, as well as repurchase agreements for those securities. The fund will compare its performance to the Barclays Capital U.S. Credit Bond Index, a market value-weighted index of investment-grade, corporate fixed-rate issues with maturities of one year or more. The fund is co-managed by David Prothro and Michael Plage.      

The Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund Fidelity now has an Advisor share classes (class A, C, T, and Institutional), which will be offered through financial advisers at institutions such as brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies. The fund is managed by Mark P. Snyderman.

The investment objectives and strategies of Fidelity Advisor Real Estate Income Fund are the same as the existing Fidelity retail fund, seeking higher than average income and capital growth by normally investing primarily in preferred and common stocks of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs); debt securities of real estate entities; and commercial and other mortgage-backed securities, with an emphasis on lowerquality debt securities.