Efficient Advisors Offers Gladstone Analytics

A strategic partnership between Efficient Advisors and Gladstone Analytics will help financial planning businesses asses their client base and plan for their own future.  

Efficient Advisors (EA), a third-party asset manager and strategist, announced a new partnership with Gladstone Associates, a corporate advisory firm for the financial services industry, to provide EA’s advisers with access to the Gladstone Analytics software suite of practice assessment tools.

Gladstone Analytics software enables advisers to “gauge the health of their practice and grade themselves on their firm’s business stability, client stability and overall market risk, then take appropriate steps to improve their firm’s value.”

“Like Efficient Advisors, Gladstone Associates is committed to helping financial advisory firms perpetuate and grow into the future,” explains EA President Nicole Newlin. “By offering our advisers access to Gladstone Analytics, we can help them make the most informed decisions on critical business issues.”

EA supports financial advisers seeking to offer their clients a passive, structured investing approach based on academic discipline, including a 3(38) offering in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) market. “By outsourcing the investment management function, advisers are able to focus more on working with clients,” the firms explain. “In addition to handling investments, EA also offers comprehensive back office services and practice management support.”

Efficient Advisors is a privately held SEC-registered investment adviser. For more information, visit www.efficientadvisors.com.