DST Retirement Solutions Updates Plan and Participant Web Sites

DST Retirement Solutions is rolling out a new strategy intended to help clients optimize the time spent on participant and plan Web sites. 

The strategy hopes to create a user experience that moves beyond transactional needs, by leveraging technology to communicate, collaborate, and influence behavior for targeted audiences.

DST has redesigned its plan sponsor and participant Web sites to improve their relevance, visual value, and clarity. The company used a two-prong approach that identifies client requirements and implements key success factors. Other enhancements include video capabilities and increased levels of customization.

“With input from our clients, we are making participant and plan sponsor Web sites relevant, visual, easy to navigate, and proactive to help drive improved participant outcomes while helping plan sponsors ease the administration of their plan. Clients will have the ability to not only brand the Web sites to their look and feel, but the sites are flexible so that they can provide and deliver custom content, helping them continuously differentiate themselves,” said Joe Rathgeb, DST Retirement Solutions Chief Development Officer.