Denver Firm Releases Target-date Fund Oversight System

UAT, a Denver-based technology and consulting company, has unveiled Unified Compliance and Control System (UCCS), a pre-trade compliance and real-time risk management system it says will bolster the oversight of sub-advised target-date funds.

UAT said in a press release that UCCS will give sponsor firms and fund executives a new tool for monitoring target weightings and maintaining proper limits around target-date fund allocations.

“The kind of enhanced oversight UCCS affords will go a long way toward protecting target-date funds from undesirable asset allocation drift,” said Tom Warren, president of UAT, Inc. in the announcement. “It’s like a GPS for target-date funds…know where you are, know where you need to go.”

UAT asserted its UCCS provides fiduciary control, lower brokerage costs, and improved investment performance for organizations utilizing external asset management, including insurance companies, pension plans, bank trust groups, 401(k) providers, mutual fund companies, foundations, and endowments.


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