Data Company Combines Analytics and Trade Order Capabilities

Interactive Data Corporation, a provider of financial market data, analytics, and related solutions, has developed BondEdge TradeLink.

The solution enables the BondEdge fixed income portfolio analytics workstation to work with other trade-order management systems, helping portfolio managers and traders save time, reduce errors, and expedite trade execution, according to the company.  

BondEdge TradeLink, which will be included as part of the U.S. BondEdge workstation, features an enhanced “What-If” module, in which clients can see pre-trade analytics to measure the net effect of possible trades on a series of client-specified portfolios. The pre-trade analytics include portfolio risk measures, distributions, sensitivity analysis, and benchmark comparisons. Possible trades for single or multiple portfolios can be transferred via BondEdge TradeLink in an XML file format, which can then be incorporated into a range of leading trade order management systems.