Cetera Helps Advisers Navigate Business During Pandemic

The Advisor Resiliency Pack suite of services is designed to help advisers grow and enhance client engagement as well as manage their business operations through the effects of COVID-19.

Cetera has launched a first-of-its kind Advisor Resiliency Pack, a suite of services to help financial advisers navigate the current market disruption.

The company notes that the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic has created challenges for advisers and their clients that are unparalleled in our time, combining market volatility with significant and widespread business disruption. As individuals experience the effects of the pandemic differently, advisers are working to meet clients where they are, helping to steady client concerns, seek new revenue streams or adapt to a new way of operating.

Through the Advisor Resiliency Pack, new programs such as Advisor on Demand and Stimulus Access Plan help advisers grow and enhance client engagement as well as manage their business operations through the effects of COVID-19. The service suite recasts programs Cetera has long offered in continuity planning and practice management while introducing new, custom programs specific to the current environment.

Key services of the Advisor Resiliency Pack include:

  • Advisor on Demand: Cetera has Certified Financial Planners on standby, ready to step in and help advisers with their clients—free of charge during the pandemic—should advisers become ill, incapacitated or run into logistical issues;
  • Peer Network Access: Leveraging the value of its community, Cetera has launched “face to face,” a virtual peer-to-peer video series featuring seasoned adviser panels, fund managers and others, as well as curated resources and value-added connections for sharing best practices during difficult markets;
  • Stimulus Access Plan: Cetera has identified points of access for its advisers and their clients, providing subject matter expertise, dedicated consulting services and a streamlined process for advisers to access stimulus package capital resources; and
  • Free Technology: Cetera is helping advisers reach clients with expanded advice services during market volatility and uncertainty by providing free access to technology that supports a fee-for-service payment model for 90 days.
“It’s during times like these that our advisers live into their purpose in the fullest, as they work tirelessly to calm client fears and provide much needed advice while managing the impact to their own businesses. We felt it was incumbent on us to move quickly to understand what could help them best serve their clients, reach more individuals who need advice, and adapt to new business challenges,” says Adam Antoniades, chief executive officer of Cetera.