Cetera Expands Fiduciary Analytics with ‘iAnalyze’

Cetera Financial Group announced the launch of iAnalyze, a new practice management analytics tool aimed at supporting fiduciary oversight and compliance. 

The launch of iAnalyze by Cetera Financial Group adds to the firm’s DOL DynamIQs platform new analytics capabilities and an integrated dashboard that brings together account information, asset levels, and other key data for each client.

Cetera says the new tool is being released at a critical time, “with the new Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule poised to transform the ways in which advisers engage clients, communicate and deliver their value propositions and manage their businesses.” To support this transition, iAnalyze will allow financial advisers to “gauge the adjustments needed for each client account in order to bring them into compliance with these new regulatory standards.”

According to the firm, iAnalyze forms the next key component of Cetera’s DOL DynamIQs platform, which was launched in April and is designed to guide advisers through the complex and challenging transformation the Department of Labor (DOL) conflict of interest rule poses for the independent financial services industry.

The tool also follows on the launch in May of iQuantify, which helps advisers gauge their overall preparedness to comply with the rule and provides them with educational resources to understand its effects.

The goal of Cetera’s wider DOL DynamIQs platform is to “help advisers understand what it will mean to be an independent adviser in the post-DOL world, as well as how to deliver best interest advice within the new rule’s requirements and how to position their practices to thrive in the reshaped regulatory environment that will result once the rule is implemented.”

For more information, visit www.ceterafinancialgroup.com