Campaign Helps Educate Employees about Savings

Perspective Partners, a firm specializing in measuring 401(k) plan effectiveness, has launched a savings stimulus campaign providing free assistance to businesses.

A press release said the Keep America Saving campaign helps businesses educate workers about the importance of saving for retirement and making sound long-term financial decisions.

Through the campaign, Perspective Partners will provide a free plan sponsor report, The Participant Outcomes Report, which analyzes how effectively participants are using the plan to prepare for retirement. Businesses can see how effective their 401(k) is by looking at projections showing what percentage of participants’ income needs will be met by the 401(k) and by Social Security, and if there’s a projected shortfall verse need, the company said.

The campaign also includes the Retirement Express report, a streamlined, income replacement gap report providing personalized analysis along with steps that participants can take to close gaps and achieve retirement goals.

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