Buck Consultants Reveals Instant Pension Risk Monitor

Companies sponsoring defined benefit plans can work with Buck Consultants to map pension risks and strategies in real time.

The new Pension Risk Navigator from Buck Consultants provides an advanced approach to live pension risk monitoring, helping pension fund officials to better seize market opportunities and reduce uncompensated risk.

Similar services generally offer monthly or quarterly updates, Buck Consultants says, making this offering a new option for plan sponsors seeking deeper insight into their pension assets and liabilities.

Pension Risk Navigator is delivered as a software tool that analyzes funding and investment strategies, relying on up-to-the-minute market information. The tool analyzes proposed changes in contribution and investment strategies; assesses the effect of transferring plan liabilities, such as offering lump sums to certain plan participant groups; and illustrates the impact of closing or freezing the pension plan.

Pension Risk Navigator’s also includes a “Chart Your Course” feature, which allows employers to define goals and view estimates of the probability of attaining pension objectives. Alternative strategies can also be compared side by side to assist employers in optimizing their course of action.

Scot Martin, planning and risk management leader, wealth practice, Buck Consultants at Xerox, explains clients should find it easy to engage with the interactive software tool. Users log onto Buck’s Global Vision site and then access the Pension Risk Navigator portal.

More information is available on the Buck Consultants website