Brownstone Investment Bulks Up Services for RIAs

Registered investment advisers (RIAs) are the service target of Brownstone Investment Group, which specializes in fixed income, and expanded its services specifically for advisers. 

Brownstone’s enhanced Advisor Services unit is integrated into the firm’s presence in the fixed-income marketplace. It will give RIAs access to a selection of fixed-income products, including high-yield, investment grade, distressed corporate, as well as emerging markets and municipal securities.

RIAs can gain immediate market information and transparent access to bids and offers via its new Web-based portal, Brownstone DIAL (Direct Independent Advisors Link).

Brownstone’s Advisor Services will be led by longtime employee and senior salesperson, Bohn Vergari, who has more than 10 years experience providing service to the RIA community.

Brownstone DIAL is one facet of Brownstone’s enhanced services to the RIA community. The firm also will expand its RIA-focused relationship team, produce daily market commentary and add a portfolio evaluation component to its offering in the near future.

“This opens the market to the RIA, enabling him or her to get accurate and current information at their fingertips, something that was available previously only through expensive, subscription-based institutional tools,” says Douglas Lowey, CEO of Brownstone.

Brownstone Investment Group is a fixed-income investment firm.

More about Brownstone Advisor Services and Brownstone DIAL is available by emailing Bohn Vergari at