BNY Mellon Releases Interactive Reporting Tool

The Interactive Analytics Report (IAR) has been added to BNY Mellon’s Workbench Web platform. 

The tool allows clients of BNY Mellon asset servicing to view and customize their investment analytics results with click-through online screens and to convert their data into interactive graphics organized by country, asset type, quality ratings or equity ratios.

Results are shown in graphs and charts that display historical and projected analyses of client investment plans, with the option to access underlying asset data. The program is available to more than 50,000 BNY Mellon clients and replaces individual reports run by users. 

“Our Interactive Analytics Report brings a new capability that can serve as a foundation for improved risk management,” said John Gruber, managing director, global product strategy for BNY Mellon’s performance and risk analytics group. “It helps our clients open a window into their investments, which can lead to greater insight, stronger analysis and more informed decisionmaking.”