Bank of Hawaii Enhances Wealth Management Options for Clients

Bank of Hawaii’s Investment Services Group is now offering its clients an open architecture unified managed account (UMA) that can integrate multiple products.
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A press release said Bank of Hawaii is unveiling this offering with the help of Smartleaf, Inc. and Prima Capital.  

Smartleaf, a provider of advanced overlay management solutions, will provide Bank of Hawaii with a portfolio management system that enables multiple investment vehicles (including individual securities, mutual funds, and ETFs) to be managed in one account while incorporating individual client preferences for taxes, risk tolerance, and liquidity.  

Prima Capital, an independent provider of investment manager due diligence, will help support the manager selection process. Bank of Hawaii will have access to Prima’s proprietary research that provides analyst commentary, product profiles, and tools to evaluate and monitor investment managers.  

“These enhancements will provide investment clients with a full range of outside managed products, including mutual funds, third-party manager models, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to complement internally managed products,” said Stephen Rodgers, Bank of Hawaii’s chief investment officer, in the press release.  

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