Alegeus Announces Launch of New HSA Solution

Its features include fractional trading up to eight decimal points, auto-rebalancing and real-time account opening and trading. 

Alegeus has announced that it will launch its modern health savings account (HSA) solution at the 2021 Alegeus Client Success Summit on June 15 and 16.

An extension of the Alegeus HSA experience, the investment solution features real-time and fractional trading, a fully automated robo adviser, and a range of investing models for every investor experience level. The product will be powered by DriveWealth, a cloud-based brokerage infrastructure firm.

The solution will feature a fully embedded investment experience, available on both mobile and desktop, that is native to the Alegeus platform and does not require redirecting consumers to a partner site. Other features include managed, self-directed and brokerage investing models; exchange-traded funds (ETFs); fractional trading up to eight decimal points; auto-rebalancing; and real-time account opening and trading.

Consumers can expect to receive alerts when they’re eligible to invest and will be able to open an investment account immediately upon eligibility.

“We’re proud to disrupt the HSA market with a true health and wealth experience that will serve as a differentiator for our clients in an increasingly competitive space,” says Mark Waterstraat, chief customer officer at Alegeus. “This new investment solution is one part of a broader series of HSA enhancements that will allow our clients to compete in the market with a value-differentiated, best-in-class HSA solution.”